Super Citrus Cleaner

Super Citrus Cleaner is successfully used in the transportation, agricultural, metal fabrication, and machining industries. Super Citrus Cleaner is used to clean and decrease concrete floors, walls, vehicles, engines, equipment and more. Product can be applied with a pressure washer, brush, or an auto-scrubber.


 Features & Benefits



             Quickly removed dirt, oil and grease from a variety of substrates.


             Water-base formulation.  


             Can be used to clean and degrease throughout many industries.




Super Citrus - 5

A versatile heavy duty degreaser

5 Gallons

$60.00 Citrus - 5
Super Citrus - 55

A versatile heavy duty degreaser

55 Gallons

$478.50 Citrus - 55

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Super Citrus Cleaner

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