Hull of a Cleaner

A New Hi-Tech Low Ph specialty detergent designed primarily for the removal of scum buildup from fiberglass boat hulls. The New technology allows "Hull" of a Cleaner to break the bond that holds the scum to the boat hull, decompose the organic residue from algae and other marine flora, and disolve the water hardness film and marine skeletal componet of the scum.


Features & Benefits


-    Easy to use

-    Non-corrosive

-    Non-poisionous

-    Non-toxic

-    Contains no harsh acids like muriatic, hydrofluoric, or oxalic acid. 

-    Also useful for bilge clean out, deodorizing and cleaning of carpet stains, and removal of fish odors. 



Hull of a Cleaner 5

Biodegradable Boat Hull Cleaner

5 Gallons

$60.00 Hull - 5
Hull of a Cleaner 55

Biodegradable Boat Hull Cleaner

55 Gallons

$577.50 HULL - 55

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Hull of a Cleaner

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