Powder Keg 150

Powder Keg 150 is formulated for deep cleaning action. It cuts through heavy grease and oily deposits quickly for easy removal. Powder Keg 150 changes color when wet. Applications include machine and automotive shops, truck repair shops, parking areas and garages.


Features & Benefits



             Fast acting detergent formula penetrates deep into surgace pores to lift and remove embedded soil, grease and grime.


             Contains no caustic soda, produces no irritation fumes or unpleasant odors.


             Synthetic detergents rinse freely and leaves no residue.


             Powder Keg changes color to indicate proper application and product strength.



Power Keg 150

Heavy Duty Powered Alkaline

Floor Cleaner 

40# Pail

$97.60 POW150

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Powder Keg 150

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